Check Out Our New Made to Crave Chicken Sandwiches

Wendy’s Made to Crave introduces a trio of new sandwiches to your not-so-basic chicken lineup: Avocado BLT, S’Awesome Bacon Chicken and Barbecue Chicken.

Wendy’s Made to Crave introduces a trio of new sandwiches to your not-so-basic chicken lineup: Avocado BLT, S’Awesome Bacon Chicken and Barbecue Chicken.

Don’t Be Chicken, Try These New Flavors Today

If you’ve ever ordered a chicken sandwich and been disappointed by the lack of flavor, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, many of our competitors simply don’t put in the effort it takes to deliver mouthwatering flavor. Well, as you know, we do things a little differently here and think you should never have to settle when it comes to flavor just because you want your food fast. Our new line of Made to Crave Chicken sandwiches has all the character and flavor you’ve come to expect from Wendy’s. But perhaps what excites me most about this Made to Crave line is that we now have a permanent excuse to continue experimenting with the latest trends to bring new and exciting flavors to our chicken sandwich lovers.

Now, chicken as good as ours deserves flavors that are thoughtful as well as tasteful. But in my experience, a great sandwich starts with the meat. Wendy’s made a commitment to serve the most tender and juicy chicken breast, whether it’s grilled, homestyle or even spicy. We start by marinating our chicken breast to be sure they are juicy and flavorful. Then our spicy and homestyle fillets get a little extra goodness of our special blend of spices and herbs that make Wendy’s Homestyle and Spicy chicken amazing. We intend to make good on this chicken promise every day by serving our fillets with flavors that bring out the best in every bite. What excites me most about these flavors is that you can truly enjoy them every day, while still giving your tastebuds the unique experience you crave.  We have options for Spicy, Homestyle and even grilled chicken fans with our new line up.

But that extra special, craveable, gotta-have-it taste doesn’t happen overnight. So, here’s a peek into the culinary experience our team worked hard to create for each sandwich.

Avocado BLT Chicken Sandwich


Our Avocado BLT is inspired by our love for Avocado. Seriously, they can’t seem to get enough of it. We first introduced the cool, creamy fruit on our Southwest Avocado Chicken Salad  and now you can also get your fix with the new Avocado BLT chicken sandwich. The creamy avocado is deliciously paired with a grilled chicken fillet and topped with Applewood smoked bacon for an added crunch (+ extra indulgence!) and our Ranch sauce is the icing on the “chicken” that makes an ordinary grilled chicken sandwich extraordinary.

Barbecue Chicken Sandwich


Up next is the Barbecue Chicken sandwich. First, we selected a sweet and smoky Kansas City BBQ sauce that pairs perfectly with Wendy’s Spicy chicken. But if I’m being honest, the crispy fried onions are what really set this sandwich apart from the rest. Seasoned, coated, battered and deep fried, you’ll taste the perfect combination of a little spice and a lot of flavor in every bite.

S’Awesome Bacon Chicken Sandwich


Rounding out our flavor trio is the S’Awesome Bacon Chicken Sandwich. Slathered with the signature Wendy’s Side of S’Awesome™ sauce everyone loves, this sandwich features a homestyle chicken fillet, three strips of sizzling Applewood smoked bacon, lettuce and tomato. When you add bacon and S’Awesome together perfect things start to happen- your mouth will start to water!  But what will really make your heart melt is the muenster cheese that adds just the right amount of creaminess in every bite. The combination of S’Awesome Sauce, crispy bacon and melted cheese makes this chicken sandwich Crave-worthy.

Now, I recommend you stop in-restaurant to try all three, but if you need to grab a bite on the go, DoorDash delivery will bring these cravings straight to you. * Recommended pricing and participation may vary.

* Delivery via DoorDash available only in select markets at participating restaurants while supplies last. Prices may be higher than in restaurant. Additional delivery fees, service fees, surge fees, small order fees, taxes and gratuity may apply. See full terms and conditions at

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