When It Comes to Premium Fresh Beef, There’s No Place Like Home

The Story Of The Best Fresh Beef Burgers Straight From Our Farmers

Don’t get us wrong. We at Wendy’s believe that lots of wonderful things come from faraway places: souvenirs, mangos, cool accents…but when it comes to the fresh never frozen beef we use in our hamburgers? No way. That’s what makes us different than the other guys. In order to deliver the freshest, tastiest hamburgers possible, Wendy’s believes that the best beef for burgers absolutely has to come from nearby.

Wendy's fresh beef has a small window. Because we use fresh never frozen beef, it must get to the restaurants quickly. And for that to happen, we need the help of North American ranchers like Allison and Bobby Bagley.

The Bagley Family raises their cattle in the heart of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.

"This isn't a corporate entity by any stretch,” Allison says with a laugh. "We don't have thousands of cattle on a feed lot. We have hundreds of cows out here that we take care of every single day.”

"No one in the world raises beef like people in America do,” Bobby adds. "We're definitely held to a higher standard … we feel like our cattle represent us, and the care we give them. If we don't do it right, then it's not acceptable for anyone.”

He believes, as Wendy’s does*, that there is no excuse for taking shortcuts, and he feels strongly that we have a responsibility to take care of the land and the animals that provide for us.

Grateful For Their Profession

“As much as we love our animals and love taking care of them, we're doing it for a specific reason and that is beef production.” Allison says. "It’s part of the life circle that we all live … we're grateful for everything that we have. We're grateful that have such a great herd of cattle. We're grateful that we have such great land to use. We're grateful we have such quality water. We're grateful we have the science and technology behind all the decisions that we make. It all matters.”

Every day, across the country, cattle ranchers like the Bagley family put their heart and soul into raising happy, healthy cows to help feed American families. "We want people to have a great eating experience every time they eat beef,” Bobby says. “We're good stewards of the land and we're taking care of the opportunities we have here."

It’s a sacrifice, but one they say they wouldn’t trade for anything else in the world.

"We're very happy that we have companies like Wendy's supporting American beef production here,” Allison adds. "We love everything about it. That's such a corny statement, but it's so true. We wouldn't be working this hard, trying this hard, and doing everything we can to make this work, if we didn't love it."

* Wendy’s serves only 100% pure North American beef.

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