We’ve Got Spirit…How ‘Bout You?

The Wendy’s team is all-in on anti-bullying and celebrated our first Sprit Day in 2017.

The Wendy’s team is all-in on anti-bullying and celebrated our first Sprit Day in 2017.

Wendy’s Supports Anti-Bullying by Supporting Spirit Day

Most days at Wendy’s, we’re all about the color red. But today is different because we’ve gone purple for Spirit Day. It’s our second year celebrating Spirit Day at our Dublin, Ohio campus (aka Wendy’s headquarters) and we’re proud to play a small part in this national movement. Sponsored by GLAAD, Spirit Day began several years ago in schools to take a stand against bullying of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer youth. The event expanded to the business community in recent years where it’s equally important to create welcoming and safe spaces. 

We’ll celebrate with purple everything – clothing, posters, and even Grape Fanta® Frosty® Floats (a fabulous concoction that our friends at The Coca Cola Company helped us create just for Spirit Day). Our employee network, WeQual, came up with the idea of hosting Spirit Day at Wendy’s and it’s just one more way our employee networks are making Wendy’s better every day

According to GLAAD, we can all support Spirit Day in a few ways:

1.     Wear Purple to speak out against bullying and discrimination of LGBTQ youth and adults.

2.     Sign an anti-bullying pledge. You can find one online. We’ll host pledge signing events throughout the day at our campus.

3.     Learn the facts so you can help make your work or school environment safe and welcoming for everyone.

4.     And spread the word with your family, friends, coworkers and social networks using #SpiritDay.

Go Purple! #SpiritDay

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