Gamechangers: A Frosty Story

Every so often, across the centuries, there are inventions that change the course of history.

This month, we are celebrating one of these leaps forward: the Frosty. One of the five products on our menu in 1969, it originally cost a cool 35-cents. It wasn’t a milkshake; it wasn’t soft serve ice cream; it was Dave’s idea of the perfect dessert.

Later, society would take this innovation and push it one step further, but pairing it with another of life’s essential advancements: French fries. 

In a world with so much uncertainty – sometimes a Frosty is the simple answer. For a limited time only, Wendy’s is offering its delicious small frosty for only 50 cents. This dessert is made with real milk and comes in original chocolate or vanilla.

Share a selfie with your frosty on Twitter or Instagram with #50CentFrostyFilms and #Sweepstakes for a chance to win free movie tickets.

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