Family Recipe: Aaron Ewen Keeps it Consistent

A Few Simple Ingredients for a Growing Career within the Wendy’s System

Meet Aaron Ewen.  Aaron works for First Sun Management Corporation, a Wendy’s franchise organization based in South Carolina. Before Aaron was promoted to district manager, he was a general manager and his franchise organization named his Wendy’s “restaurant of the year” in 2016, which is pretty impressive because, in Aaron’s words, “The Clemson location is the only Wendy’s that I have had the honor of running.”  That same year, Aaron was named a Top 10 General Manager.  He was chosen as a Top 10 General Manager from a group of more than 6,500 Wendy’s general managers worldwide.  Now, as a District Manager, Aaron leads six restaurants in the Clemson area.

Clearly, whatever Aaron is doing works.

Aaron’s secret? In his words it’s sticking to the basics: hospitality, quality, accuracy and efficiency. And, surrounding himself with a good team. “You are only as good as the people who work with you,” he says.

Watch to learn more about Aaron as he shares his recipe for success.

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