Fresh Mozz

Variety is the spice of life! But in our industry, we often see the same boring ingredients over and over again—which is why we’re committed to continually introducing fresh new flavors to our menu.

A Fresh New Partnership

This latest creation is no different. We’re proud to bring to life the “Fresh Mozz Duo” via the Fresh Mozzarella Chicken Salad and Fresh Mozzarella Grilled Chicken Sandwich, making us the first fast food restaurant to offer fresh mozzarella cheese on a national scale.

But bringing these flavors and tastes to more than 5,800 restaurants across the U.S. isn’t something we can do alone. So we’ve teamed up with the folks from BelGioioso who hail from the great state of Wisconsin (Cheeseheads!) to bring fresh mozzarella to our restaurants. They worked closely with us to develop a special size of mozzarella that fits perfectly on our sandwiches. Who can say no to special cheese? In our experience, not very many people—we’re estimating around 1,472,000 pounds of it will be served at Wendy’s restaurants around the nation while these delicious salads and sandwiches are in restaurants. 

We’ve always pushed the envelope when it comes to using cheeses that may not be as widely available in the fast food world.  Over the years, we’ve used smoked gouda, blue cheese, asiago and feta on hamburgers, chicken sandwiches and salads. Fresh mozzarella is the latest evolution of delivering fresh cheese to customers. And, we’re proud to be the first national fast food chain to have fresh mozzarella on our menu.

To help you learn more, we’re giving this new offering some special attention by serving it up in a classic “View.”

Take a look at how this mozzarella goes from a twinkle in the eye of our supplier at BelGioioso to a main ingredient in the “Fresh Mozz Duo.”

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