Creating Beef-lievers

If you watched the 2017 Super Bowl, you may have seen Wendy’s put the heat on the Othr Guyz™ for their use of frozen beef. Since it was the first Wendy’s Super Bowl commercial ever, we thought we’d provide some background on why this was an important story to tell.

Since 1969, Wendy’s has grown from one restaurant in Columbus, Ohio to more than 5,500 restaurants across North America. The Wendy’s family has gone through a lot of changes since then, from uniforms to mobile ordering, but one thing has remained the same—all our hamburgers are made with fresh, never frozen North American beef.1 Dave Thomas believed people deserved a really delicious hamburger, and one that he would be proud to serve his own family.

When our competitors were making hamburgers and putting them under heat lamps with ketchup and mustard and pickle, I thought it was wrong. I wanted a hamburger made with fresh, 100 percent pure beef and made to order. Our competitors gave us a great opportunity to give the American public the greatest hamburger in the world.
— Dave Thomas, Wendy's Founder

However, there are non-beef-lievers out there—our research shows seven out of 10 consumers are skeptical about the freshness of our beef. To create converts, we kicked off 2017 with a mission to educate consumers about our fresh beef. It’s not only what sets us apart from the Othr Guyz, it’s what makes our hamburgers taste better. Fresh beef makes a better quality hamburger.

1Fresh beef available only in the contiguous U.S and Canada.

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