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When it comes to telling our Brand story – our values and what we’re all about – there are a lot of different ways throughout our history that it’s been approached.

From the sponsorship of the Ohio State Fair back in our early years, to our history-making commercials (Where’s the Beef?) and our more recent award-winning digital content, we’re always exploring new and innovative ways to reach our fans and friends.

Throughout this run, we’ve always tried to stay true to our inherent brand voice.  Candidly, we had a few missteps here and there (who hasn’t?), but we’re proud of the work we do to continually explore new mediums and share many important messages.

We’re now entering new territory by getting into the blogging game ourselves, and for the first time we’re also welcoming a few folks from this community into the Wendy’s Family.

Wendy’s And Influencers

In recent history we have engaged with a couple influencer groups.  Last year we broke new ground when we invited 15 bloggers from the Clever Girls network behind the counter in five different markets for a first-hand look at the steps our crews take every day to prepare our salads. 

We were really proud to share all that we do to make a great-tasting salad, and to show the extreme care we take to make sure it’s a safe and enjoyable eating experience.  We intentionally have taken the long way around because we believe that the manner in which we do ‘all the things’ adds to our reputation in quality.  

But, the blogger’s reactions surprised us.

They had no idea we chop fresh iceberg and romaine lettuce, wash and spin it dry, and assess and audit the fields where it came from.

We often hear compliments like “I don’t normally eat fast food, but when I do, I eat at Wendy’s,” or “I don’t know what’s different about Wendy’s, but there’s definitely something different.” But what the blogger visit showed us is that we have a long way to go to really show what we do differently.

Enter these bloggers: 

This year we’re partnering with five bloggers from all parts of the country and all walks of life. These influencers were hand-selected, not because they’re Wendy’s-fanatics and we promised them gold-plated Wendy’s gift cards (we didn’t), but because they are great, relatable people who tell tremendous stories, take awesome photos, have a loyal follower base and (most importantly) possess an interest and care about a lot of the same things that we care about. 

I’ve posted their bios below and links to their social channels.  After spending a day and a half together, I’m pleased to share they’re just as delightful and authentic in person as they come across on their various platforms.

Amiyrah, Joe, Kat, Rachel and Tanis got a crash course into our culture, history, values, marketing and menu vision. They met with members of our leadership and even spent an hour with Wendy Thomas herself asking questions ranging from what her first job was, to what Dave Thomas was like as a father, to why she supports foster care adoption.

No questions were off limits, and while we dressed to impress, we didn’t put on a façade.

A major highlight of the day for this gang was their time in our test kitchen.  They learned (up close) about how we concept, develop, test and bring our menu items to customers.  They participated in a sensory panel, too, and while we don’t normally share photos of this space, take a look thru the gallery below.

They wrapped up their “all-things-Wendy’s” day by crafting custom Dave’s Singles with our culinary chefs…right on the line.

Please ask Joe how his bun turned out and Rachel what inspired her spicy burger...

Pardon the pun, but they got The Square Deal.

We’re looking forward to sharing their posts with you throughout the year!

Chat soon!


PS – Its 4/4 day.  Looking to celebrate? Stop by Wendy’s and get a 4 for $4 which now features the Crispy Chicken BLT. Our marketing guy asked me to add this shameless plug.  Our lawyer told me to remind you this is suggested pricing and price and participation may vary.


Meet our Bloggers

Amiyrah Martin

Amiyrah is a New Jersey mom, wife, Airman in the US Air Force, and all around frugal maven.  On her website, 4 Hats and Frugal, Amiyrah teaches families how to have fun on a dime, be a "baller" on a budget, and live a full life on less. She's a firm believer in living a frugal lifestyle without deprivation, and it’s her goal to show that with each article on her site. Amiyrah has been featured on Good Morning America, The Doctor Oz Show, The FABLife Show, Parade Magazine, Woman's World Magazine and CNN.


Kat Bouska

Kat Bouska

Kat Bouska is the creator of Mama's Losin' It, a blog that shares a humorous take on parenting and pop culture. You can also find her sharing recipes, kid friendly activities, and funny skits as a video content creator on her YouTube channel MamaKatTV. Kat is a wife and mother of three. She operates a home daycare, watches too much reality television and chases children down hallways.


Joe Miragloitta

Joe Miragliotta is the founder of Joe’s Daily, a men’s lifestyle and travel blog, and social brand with over a million collective followers. Since the beginning, he set out on a goal to curate all the new and exciting things in gear, tech, fashion, travel, and more. When he’s not traveling or working from his home office, you will find him at his local gym in Los Angeles.


Rachel Matthews

Rachel is a writer, speaker, recipe developer, photographer, mom, wife, boot-wearer, fan of spicy foods, chips and salsa, belly-laughs, and hugs. When not in the kitchen, or hanging out with friends and neighbors, Rachel can be found volunteering at her kids’ schools, getting inspiration for recipes from restaurant menus, farmers markets, and Granny’s recipe cards. The view through her camera lens inspires her to capture and create memories each and every day.


Tanis Miller

Tanis Miller, author of the blogs Attack of the Redneck Mommy and, is an award-winning writer, humorist and speaker. Her work has been featured on CNN, CBC, CBC News Network, Huffington Post and in a variety of North American newspapers and magazines. Tanis is a passionate advocate for adoption as well as for the rights of special needs children and their families. She resides with her family and an oversized dog in rural Canada.


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