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A Forever Family Unlocks The “Warm Fuzzies”

By Dee Marks
Dee Marks is an adoptive mother living in Columbus, Ohio. She is an advocate for foster care adoption and autism awareness.

Family. Love. Comfort. Connection. HOME. Each of these words fill our hearts with warm fuzzies, but what about those who don’t have any positive lasting experiences with any of those same words?  What would that feel like? It’s hard to even imagine a world where that would be the case…but for many kids, it IS the case. Foster care provides a safe place for these children to put their head down at night, and yet, all parties involved know that it is only a temporary arrangement. The child is scared and always on alert because what is here today, could literally be gone tomorrow.  For one second, think about all that you have; all of the blessings big and small that surround you, are a part of who you are and balance your sense of belonging.

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