Celebrating Adoption: "BORN FROM THE HEART"

Tanis Miller and her Family

Tanis Miller and her Family

Throughout the month of November we're publishing adoption success stories.  Interested in sharing yours? Email it to us at squaredealblog@wendys.com.

Born From The Heart

By Tanis Miller
Tanis Miller is an award-winner blogger, advocate for foster care adoption and, we're proud to say, friend of the Wendy's Family. We encourage you to read the blog she wrote in support of adoption and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.  

You ever have one of those moments in life, stuck at a traffic light, or sitting at your desk while listening to horrible elevator music because you're on hold with a service provider and suddenly you have a moment of shame creep in while thinking back on some small decision you regret having made in your life? Like that time when you were 13 and stole a lipstick from a local drug store only to be caught by your momma and forced to return it and face the humiliation of your actions? Or that time you kissed that drunk person in the back of the bar because you were lonely and had no better options, only to sober up the next day and realize you kissed a toad and please don't ever let your family find out because they'll never let you hear the end of it?

Well, now that y'all know I'm a reprobate, this post is NOT about those type of small moments. 

Not that we don't all have those type of moments, whatever they may be. We all make choices and do things we wish we hadn't. But like those moments we cringe over, we also have moments that have changed our lives for the better. Small leaps of faith that are life altering. I often think of the one choice I made which turned my family upside down, inside out and almost whole once again. 

The decision to adopt.

I don't remember the moment we decided to adopt a child. One day I was talking at my husband about adopting and the next day he was conversing with me about going forward and proceeding. I like to think it's proof that brick walls have ears but he likes to say he just played his cards right to make me think it was my idea. 

Po-tay-toe, po-tah-to. We are two sides to the same coin, him and I.

I won't tell you the pieces all magically fell into place and adopting Knox was the easiest thing in the world, because I've an archive filled with posts telling you otherwise. No sense lying now.


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