Celebrating Adoption: "THE REAL SUPERHEROS"

Throughout the month of November we're publishing adoption success stories.  Interested in sharing yours? Email it to us at squaredealblog@wendys.com.

The Real Superheros

By Jessica Olson
Jessica Olson is a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiter and works every day to find permanent, loving homes for children in foster care.

I have been a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiter for more than four years and have come to crave the adrenaline rush of getting a new child on my caseload; to start learning about this child and the excitement of feeling like I may have just found the family for a child (I have been known to run down the hallway of my office a time or two in celebration). I catch myself at times needing to come back to reality.

The reality this child was abused.

The reality this child was hurt.

The reality this child had to say goodbye to their birth parents.

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