It’s a Big Deal – National Adoption Month

Dave Thomas and Children in The Foster Care System

Dave Thomas and Children in The Foster Care System

It’s 6:03 p.m. on Wednesday, October 26.  I’m lingering at the office to work on an array of projects (most notably...this blog) and I’m realizing that in less than a week we’ll have turned the calendar over to November.

Which, to those of us who favor things that come in square shapes, means it’s a big month. 

Not only is November the month in which R. David Thomas founded Wendy’s, it’s also National Adoption Month.

Are the two connected?  Maybe.  Dave founded Wendy’s on November 15, 1969.  In 1984, President Reagan made a proclamation to recognize November 19 – 25 as National Adoption Week.  President Clinton further expanded it to include the entire month of November in 1995.  Throughout these decades, Dave was instrumental in helping quicken-up the adoption process by cutting-out the red tape with the help of both of these Presidents and Congress. 

So is it a coincidence that we celebrate the two at the same time? I’d like to believe Dave may have suggested connecting those dots throughout his many adoption-advocating conversations.  Alright, that’s probably enough speculation.

While I was not fortunate enough to have ever met Dave, I feel we’d be doing right by him if we would dedicate space on the blog this month to celebrate and share adoption success stories.

Whose stories?  Yours.

Please either post a link to a publically-available blog in the comments below or send us an email with the link.  We’ll post the stories of however many links we receive to fill the month.

In the world of retweets and hearts, I’m looking forward to reading your blogs and sharing these happy stories with our readers. 

Before we get going, a few ground rules from our legal department: 

  1. By sending us the link you willingly give us access to link to your story on our blog.

  2. You are who you say you are.

  3. Your story is an honest and accurate portrayal of the events that happened.

That’s it!  I look forward to sharing your story soon.

Happy Adoption and Happy Wendy’s month.  


PS- It’s now 6:48 PM on Wednesday, October 26 and I’m late to book club!  Yikes :)

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