Barco and Wendy’s – A Shared Commitment to Improving the Lives of Children

At Wendy’s, we have the privilege of working with some of the world’s best companies who supply everything we need to operate a best in class restaurant system. Our purpose is to provide joy and opportunity through food, family, and community, and we love sharing stories and celebrating suppliers who also embrace a commitment to a higher purpose in the communities in which they operate. This blog is about one of those suppliers, Barco, who is going above and beyond in it's commitment to better our world.

A Break-Up Letter To Wendy's Spicy Chicken Nugget Lovers

As readers of The Square Deal know, we traditionally use this space to tell you about new things happening in the Wendy’s family or what we’re doing to advance programs we care about, but today’s message is different. It has come to our attention that some of you have noticed the Spicy Chicken Nuggets are no longer available on our national menu and you're pretty upset about it.

So, we thought it was time to….talk.

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A Commitment Never to Cut Corners: The Wendy’s Supplier Code of Conduct

Today we announced the expansion of our Supplier Code of Conduct. It now applies to all North American Wendy's suppliers and the many significant professional service suppliers with whom we contract directly. These suppliers include our creative teams, marketing agencies, law firms, financial service providers, technology companies and others that we rely on to help make the Wendy’s brand successful.

KICK UP YOUR BOOTS: Wendy’s celebrates cattle ranchers at the National Cattleman’s Beef Association Convention

Connecting with farmers and ranchers to say “thanks for the beef” would probably be reason enough to show up in Nashville. But last year we found that the National Cattlemen's Beef Association was also a great way to extend our relationships in the beef industry because this supply chain is pretty complex. There are a lot of players who take great care in breeding, raising and feeding the cattle which are harvested and processed for steaks and hamburgers.

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Wendy's: It's All About Food, Family & Community

By most standards, last week was busy.  Not only did friends and fans tell us we won the internet with the most epic tweet of 2017 (their words, not ours), we also published our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability year-in-review. It was eye opening and enjoyable to look back and see all that our Wendy’s family had accomplished in 2016.

Notes from The Square Deal Inbox: One Customer’s Heartwarming Story

Since starting this blog in March, it’s been an interesting lesson in learning how to keep up with regular content postings and respond to reader feedback.  It’s always gratifying to see how our customers engage with us and the blog. Obviously, the comments and likes are public, but feedback that shows up in our inbox is not.  We receive our fair share of constructive notes, but we also receive kudos relating to how our crew teams "made the day" of one of our customers. In late November, one of those emails arrived in our inbox. Reading Adrian’s words about how General Manager Lupe Torres in Edenton, NC made the birthday of her special needs son so special touched my heart and inspired me to share it with all of you.

Here’s the Beef: the North American, fresh, never frozen, always square….Beef!

We love all of our products, but none is more important to Wendy’s than our hamburgers. We have a great team dedicated to sourcing the highest quality fresh never frozen North American beef for Wendy’s. We recently took another step in our long-time commitment to sourcing quality beef responsibly by joining the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. Their goal is simple – to work together with lots of different stakeholders to sustain responsible beef production for years to come. One of our team members who lives and breathes quality beef every day is also one of our rising stars, Manager of Quality Assurance for Beef, Sarah Wells.  Sarah is one of the most upbeat and optimistic people you’ll ever meet. Fortunately, she loves to travel because we keep her on the road all the time. She’s an expert in meat science and animal care, and she taught at the collegiate level before joining Wendy’s two and a half years ago.

Wendy’s Believes in Giving Back

Our founder Dave Thomas believed everyone has an obligation to put back into life more than what they take out.  With that in mind, Wendy’s was founded with the belief that a company should do more than just sell a product or service.  We believe in giving back to our local communities and continuing Dave’s legacy, which is why Give Something Back is one of our brand’s core values.

The Church Brothers: Two guys who know their way around a field of lettuce

We know our suppliers are some of the best in the industry.  So we’re never surprised, but we certainly are proud when they get kudos within their industry. Tom and Steve Church, founders of Church Brothers Farms, were recently awarded the Produce Marketers for All Seasons award during this year’s Fresh Summit.

Celebrating Adoption: "BORN FROM THE HEART"

You ever have one of those moments in life, stuck at a traffic light, or sitting at your desk while listening to horrible elevator music because you're on hold with a service provider and suddenly you have a moment of shame creep in while thinking back on some small decision you regret having made in your life? Like that time when you were 13 and stole a lipstick from a local drug store only to be caught by your momma and forced to return it and face the humiliation of your actions? Or that time you kissed that drunk person in the back of the bar because you were lonely and had no better options, only to sober up the next day and realize you kissed a toad and please don't ever let your family find out because they'll never let you hear the end of it?

Well, now that y'all know I'm a reprobate, this post is NOT about those type of small moments. 

Supporting Foster Care Adoption…it’s as Easy as Eating Dinner!

[...] This year, we’re making Founder’s Week even more special with the introduction of National Adoption Night.  Tonight, Tuesday, November 15, more than 90 percent of our restaurants will donate 15 percent of their evening sales to help local children in foster care find loving homes. 


Growing up, children in foster care were simply children with whom I shared a home. For 13 years my family was involved in the Vermont State Foster Care system. My mom and dad were foster parents to many children who would come into our home when they had nowhere else to go. We helped them with their self-esteem, identity development, grief and loss of their birth family and gave them a sense of belonging.